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Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere

Taken from Noel's tour diary for

That TV show was massive. 2,000 people in the audience! TWO THOUSAND!! That's mental. We were on with Grazia superstar Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, Duffy and the world's favourite German, Boris Becker!! Not sure how it all went, it was all in German, see? Apparently Rachel lost a bet and had to eat a doggy biscuit! There was also a kid on there who could tell the difference between certain kinds of football boots by licking them!? Ant and Dec, eat your little Geordie hearts out. Who said entertainment is dead? It's alive and well and living in Germany. Rachel legged it before we could get a good look at her. Owen Wilson had a beer and a chat though. Nice lad. He actually talks like that talk he's got in real life.

But for me, the highlight of the day was the return of Mr al-Fayed's shoes! BANG! They just appeared out of nowhere, attacking the senses, blinding my eyes. I thought they'd gone home in disgrace - not a fuckin' chance. And they're following us to the airport as we speak. We're on the way to Zurich.

Switzerland? The oddest of all nations? Think about it.

In a bit.



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