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More On Tony McCarroll's Oasis Book

As previously reported former drummer Tony McCarroll is set to release a warts and all book this autumn about his time with Oasis.

Titled 'Oasis: The Truth, the Noel Truth, is Nothing Like the Truth', the book will detail his time with the Manchester outfit from 1991 to 1995 and beyond.

Product details
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd (4 Oct 2010)
Language English
ISBN-10: 1843582465
ISBN-13: 978-1843582465

Above is the cover of the book that is available from October 4th.

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is out now for more details click here.


Marco said...

but he writes about Noel and slags him off, so we're not going to buy it and even talk about it...

Jo said...

the thing is, as much as he hates to admit it, McCarroll is just another vampire sucking Noel Gallagher's vein. So what, Tony? Money from royalties you negociated in court in such a bumb way is wearing thin? Do you need some more? Are you riding the tide of the split?
Get your talentless drumming in and shut the fuck up. FIND A JOB.

Anonymous said...

but he doesn't. he simply tells the truth. it shows a different side to Noel's personality and it certainly isn't a slagging off.

Anonymous said...

good luck to you tony , why do people automatically assume the worst in people and there intension's , why dont you read the book and gain some more knowledge about something you clearly know nothing about Jo !!

Anonymous said...

i remember sat with tony while working on strangeways prison (after the riot) and he was always talking about some "gobby git" called liam who had just joined the band , i remember him distinctly saying at the time aswell that he was haveing to save his wages for equipment at the time , and now i read about some "1000 pound" incident !! , he still managed to get out for a pint though , (seanny who worked with ye early 90s tony)