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Gem Archer On How The End Of Oasis Doesn't Sadden Him

Gem Archer has spoken to the current issue of Mojo about how the end of Oasis doesn't sadden him. 

He said "The end of Oasis doesn't sadden me. It's understandable. I had 10 years in that band, and at any point I thought it could end tomorrow, or it could go on 20 years... OK, 20 was a bit optimistic. But that was then. To do it again would sadden all of us. The last tour we did sold out three nights at Wembley, so it was hardly, 'let's put this animal down.' We all kept that plane in the air. And today, when you play Rosario in Argentina, and the kids who were too young to see the band all have Oasis T-shirts and they know all the words... to my mind it was just perfect how it was."

The new issue of Mojo is on sale now.

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