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Noel Gallagher On Meeting David Bowie And More

Noel Gallagher has spoken about David Bowie in the new edition of MOJO that is on sale now.

He said "I've been getting into the later Bowie stuff. Some of it's mental, some of it is quite good. Heathen's a good album, and Reality. We did Jools Holland with him around the time of Earthling, and he was wearing high heels. I only met him once, though. It was that tour Morrissey supported him at Wembley Arena. We went down there to see Morrissey and someone said to me, 'Do you want to meet David?' Yeah, he likes me great! He was putting make-up on in the mirror and someone took a photograph. It only came to light when he died. He's in hysterics, so God knows what I said, I have no idea".

 "The last time I had any contact with him was when Kate Moss and I presented him with a Brit Award [in 2014]. Next day I was completely fucked, and sat on the iPad on the couch about 10 o'clock and the email thing dinged, and there was some fucking address. It said, 'Thanks for the shout out, keep writing DB. 'I wrote back, 'No, problem, mate, when you going to start gigging?' And he e-mailed me back immediately. It only dawned on me the next day I'd been in a five-minute real-time conversation with David Bowie, probably sat in a coffee shop in New York. Then the emails mysteriously deleted themselves! I forwarded them to my missus, so she can collaborate this actually happened".


"When he died Weller was round mine. You couldn't turn on the radio without hearing David Bowie. I hadn't heard David Bowie on the radio for 15 years. It's true what they say - in your time of dying you're at your greatest. Everyone was playing Changes - you know he made some other records, don't you?"


The new issue of MOJO is out now!

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