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Noel Gallagher On 'Who Built The Moon?', Working With Brian Eno and More

Taken from an interview with Noel Gallagher that is inside the new issue of MOJO.

On the High Flying Birds album 'Who Built The Moon?' taking four years to complete

"We did two different sessions in Belfast, I went on tour, and after a while snippets of music started appearing. [The 80's dream-pop single] Beautiful World took ages to come along. But I couldn't write anything around them for 18 months. I didn't know were it was going. then all of a sudden, I wrote a lyric and they all started falling like dominoes. I was really blown away by it. David saw something in me that I couldn't be bothered to look for myself. it was a liberation.

How far are you willing to push the experimental side of your music? Even if it ends up alienating your Oasis -minded fans?

"My more artistic notions are about pleasing myself, rather then wanting to work with those guys or this producer. I'll do whatever I want to now. Would I work with Brian Eno? I'd love to.

Is there a point where you emerge as Noel Gallagher, artiste?

"(Laughs) I did six months promo before (Who Built The Moon?) came out and I had to say to myself one night in a hotel room, "you've become an artist!" I had to say it to myself "you're not the kid from the council estate with a guitar over your shoulder anymore. (Manc cabbie voice) He did well for himself that lad with the guitar, fucking great one, mate!" (Laughs) So yes, I'm an artist now. I need to buy a scarf and hat.

The new issue of MOJO is out now and available in store or digitally.

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