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Quotes And Notes From Noel Gallagher's Interview With MOJO

A few notes and quotes from Noel Gallagher's interview with Q that goes on sale tomorrow.

The recent recording in Abbey Road was with the High Flying Birds he will be working on a separate LP with David Holmes in January.

He went into a studio to record an acoustic LP after Chasing Rainbows but gave up on the second day after he realised he was only doing it for other people rather than himself. He realised he wanted to finish the David Holmes stuff instead.

"The album (Who Built The Moon) was finished, it was coming out, but it was an interesting position to be in (the mixed reaction to Holy Mountain). There was the acoustic track, Dead In The Water, and after [Chasing Yesterday] came out someone said, "You've got to do an acoustic record." I've never done an acoustic record, so I booked a studio for two weeks, and I'm sitting there with an acoustic, the one I wrote Wonderwall on, with fans all over the world saying, "This is what you should be doing." The management are saying, "That's a great song, it makes me cry." Then I thought, I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing it for other people. I want to get back to the [David Holmes] record, I want a drum machine from the '70s to put through an amplifier; I want to play bass".

"So I scrapped that acoustic session on the second day. The engineer said, "Is that it?" "Yeah." "We haven't done anything." "I know"... The only reason Dead In The Water was captured was because I didn't know it was being recorded. I won't ever re-record it, because I don't believe in it any more. David said, "You're the best f**king person in the world at doing that stuff, but you've already done it." He was right".

With our interview time nearing its end, and his point hammered home, Gallagher switches the subject to what comes next. He is, he says, starting work on a new record with David Holmes in January, while also demoing material at Abbey Road for a High Flying Birds touring-band album, on which he hopes to push its female members - Charlotte Marionneau, backing singer YSEE, [AKA Audrey Gbaguidi] and keyboardist Jessica Greenfield - to the fore. He predicts the latter LP will be finished first.

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