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The Hippy Mafia On Supporting Beady Eye In Toronto

Gaz from the Hippy Mafia who's band are supporting Beady Eye's in Canada, took time to answer a few questions ahead of tonight's gig.

The Hippy Mafia is the collaboration of five individuals from five music genres hailing from Manchester UK and Ontario Canada.

Who's in the band and how did you meet up?

The three of us are from Manchester, we played together on and off for years. Then we moved to Toronto for no particular reason, there we met two West Indian Torontonians who were huge Oasis and Manchester music fans. Which was unusual we thought, we all shared a love and passion for the Beatles as well as 60's soul and funk.

So we formed a band Hippymafia, who have been described by one journalist 'the Black Beatles',which I love. Not sure its accurate, but I'm having that one.

How did the Beady Eye gigs come about? What should fans expect?

Our mate here in Toronto is another ex-pat Mancunian. 'Coatsey' he's an old school friend of Liam's and as well as guitar tech for us he is also guitar tech for Snow Patrol who share the same Tour manager Neil Mather as Beady Eye.

Neil was also Tour Manager for the Happy Mondays, my former band. Also Castro our vocalist/guitar was in Bonehead's band. It's all very incestious, if that's a fucking word?

We mix 60's type melody/heavy guitars with harmonies and poetic Rap. We have 2 vocalist one sings one raps. Don't be put off by the Rap element, it's rapping for folks who don't usually dig rap. It all fits together, strange as it may seem sort of Beach Boys meets Jay-Z if you like!!!

Have you heard Different Gear, Still Speeding? If so, what are your thoughts?

To be blunt, best album in the last five years for me Oasis aside of course. It's a grower (which are always the best albums)it takes a few listens, but it blows my mind love it.

Each week I have a different favourite track, its got attitude and melody. It has a very Rubber Soul/Revolver era feel, I can't stop playing it. It's an album that will have legs today's favourite is Wigwam. We really like the new album a lot, and we're psyched to hear the songs live.

Were you fans of Oasis? If so, when did you first hear them? What are your favourite tracks?

I seem alone on this but my favourite album is 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants'. It may be because I played drums for the support band (Proud Mary) on that tour, so I got to see it close up.. I first heard them off a demo Phil Saxe had when he was working for Factory Records. As for fav track it's difficult, off the top of my head 'D'You Know What I Mean?' is top and 'I'm Outta Time' is a personal favourite.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Will you be playing dates anywhere outside the US?

Not sure,nothing planned as yet. would love to play IK for obvious reasons.

For more details on the band visit here, follow the band on Twitter by clicking here.

Thanks to Gaz for taking the time to do this.


Shakermaker said...

Was at the Toronto show last night, and they were probably the single worst band I have ever heard.

They were fucking awful - kept swapping instruments with each other, and the lead singer was on the far side of the stage....insipid lyrics and awful melodies.

Anonymous said...

This was the most ridiculous band I have ever heard/seen. These guys need to choose a genre and stick with it! Never thought I'd be hearing a (sometimes) rap group opening up for a Gallagher. Terrible.

Anonymous said...

Is that why Liam dedicated his last song to them and called them a top band?

One of the most entertaining bands I've ever seen.

You wankers are daft!

Anonymous said...

Liam is great BUT
shakermaker knows what's up, that was straight-up poop...

oasiscanada said...

I dont get the first Two comments I thought the Hippy Mafia were super so new and fresh can't wait for an Album best new band I have heard in years love it .

Anonymous said...

What are the first two people talking about, they obviously
don't know a thing about music! The Hippy Mafia are the best live band I've seen for ages, at least Liam knows a great band when he see one!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I know a bit about music and I can tell you Hippy Mafia are a pretty amazing band. They really blow the place up. Everyone at the venue I saw them at were raving about them. Don't get the negative comments at all...but then there always is a gripe.