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Some More Bits From Liam Gallagher's Interview With Q Magazine That's On Sale Now

Liam’s most explosive interview yet
Calls Noel out for being jealous
Admits he still loves his brother
His Views on Coldplay

Liam speaks exclusively to Q magazine this month about his return to music, his emotional past few years, his thoughts on politics, throwing stones at Jamie Oliver’s window and of course, his brother Noel. Liam really didn’t hold back in what could be his most explosive interview yet.

The New Liam

Liam on the last few years… These last few years have been emotional. Eye-opening. Mind-bending. But emotional.

Liam on his girlfriend… Debbie saved me. No bullsh*t. Debbie swooped me up as I was falling, she just said, ‘Stop being a dickhead.’ She got me out of the house, introduced me to all kinds of people outside my world, got me doing new things. I’ve lived in London a long time, but I only really knew Hampstead. She took me to new places. I’ve been to Dalston, man.

Liam on his new fitness regime…  I run around seven miles every day, leaving about 5am. Unless I’ve been out on the sauce, then I’m getting in at 5am. Normally, though, seven miles.
Liam on climbing trees… Climb the odd tree too. Climbed one the other day. I was running on the Heath and I thought, ‘That looks like a nice tree, I’m going to climb that f*cking tree.’ Climbed it and sat there with my hood up for about 10 minutes.

Liam on waking up Jamie Oliver… It’s like Stella Street, round here: Jamie Oliver lives up the road. I got told off for throwing stones at his windows p*ssed-up, asking him to chuck down some bacon rolls.

Liam on becoming friends with his milkman… He’s f*cking top, he gave me a pint of lactose-free milk for nothing the other day.

Talking about Noel Gallagher... When Noel loses his fame… Nobody will really understand what it’s like to leave the bubble unless you’ve been in the bubble. When our kid falls out of the bubble he will fall hard. That big machine around him. The itinerary. Noel Gallagher’s life is all mapped out for him from the moment he wakes up.

Liam on laying off Noel… Oh, I know. I know. Lots of people say I need to chill out about Noel. Not until they stop Twitter. That c*nt will always get it from me.

Liam on Noel hitting back… He slagged me off when we were in the same band! He’d do his interview, I’d come in to do mine and they’d go, ‘He doesn’t like you, does he?’ I’d be saying how great he was. He still has pops. He needs to know that I ain’t going away.

Liam on Oasis splitting… I was more disappointed that Oasis split up. I wonder if he was. I’ve never heard him say he was disappointed about Oasis. No, he’s got what he wanted.

Liam on Tweeting about Noel… Well, yeah. I’ve heard they really annoy him. Someone told me the other week that the only thing that does his nut in are my tweets. Good. They will carry on and they will get bigger and better

Liam on reuniting with Noel…. Do you think I want to be in a band with that c*nt? He says, ‘Liam has to change.’ Get to f*ck. So I just tweet when he drops the ball because I will not let him get away with murder.

Noel was quoted as saying Oasis wouldn’t get back together “not even if all the starving children in the world depended on it”

Liam’s thoughts on this quote…  It doesn’t hurt me mate, doesn’t hurt me. If the guy doesn’t want me back in our band then I don’t want to either. I don’t want to be in a band with someone who doesn’t want me.

Liam on Noel’s celebrity friends… Whatever next? Robbie Williams turning up on his next record? I’d have to send the police round. Put it this way, Noel lives in a £17million house. That changes you, I reckon. You have appropriate furniture, appropriate kitchens, appropriate red wine that Bono’s recommended. And Damon Albarn becomes your mate. Fair dos, but not for me.

Liam on missing Noel… I miss the Noel in the film, that’s the Noel I know. And I do love him. I don’t sit at home crying into a picture of him, though, and I’m sure he doesn’t of me either. But I’m an energy and I bet he misses that energy.

Current affairs
Liam on Politics… I am partial to Prime Minister’s Questions though. I’m not bothered about politics, Theresa May and that other c*nt can get on with it

The boring music of today
Liam on retiring… No, it’s f*cking sh*t. It’s boring without me, isn’t it? On my game I will roast anyone. Anyone. Whether it’s interviews, photoshoots, on record or on that f*cking stage. And there are a lot of people getting away with murder on that stage from my generation.

New music
Liam on his new songs… We’ve demoed some songs and it’s sounding…I am not embarking on a solo ‘career’. Everyone should know that. There are just 10, 11 songs I’ve written that are eligible to be recorded. They’ve got flair, attitude, the melodies are sick and the words are f*cking funny.

Liam on when they will be released… We’ll record them this year and release it next year. It’ll shock people. It’s a record written by me, that’s got all the right ingredients and sounds well tasty. You won’t be scratching your chin. It’s not Pink Floyd and it ain’t Radiohead. It’s chin-out music.

Liam on his influences… Music isn’t influenced by music, I don’t think. It’s influenced by life. To have good music you have to have an interesting, varied life. Sh*t music comes from boring lives. The reason why so much music is boring, no matter how many bells and whistles and strobes they stick on it, is because they have boring lives. My wonky life over the last few years is going to make for better music.


That was Noel. We went to George Michael’s house after the Olympics. He was there, might have been with one of Take That. He was down at the bar at the end of the garden. George Michael was on at the Olympics, we [Beady Eye] were on at the Olympics, and where’s Noel? Watching it on telly, drinking a cocktail in George’s garden. This is the same man who slagged George off for Shoot The Dog. You’ve got some f*cking nerve. I said, ‘You alright, you seen that?’ ‘Yeah, it was alright.’ ‘You’re weird, you c*nt.’

The current issue of Q is on sale in stores and digitally now.


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